Small seo tools that make a huge difference

Sitting behind your desk, opening your website, wanting to start optimizing your website, but just not knowing where to start. Sounds familiar? Since the early days webmasters have tried to optimize their websites for search engines. All to get as high as possible in those search engines.

But what has changed? Whereas seo used to exist of getting as many links as possible to your website, making sure the keyword of the page occurs often enough of the page and add meta keywords to each page (oh the nostalgia) seo has now become way more complex.

Luckily there are some small seo tools that can help us with the difficult task of discovering all the seo errors in your website. Here is a list!


picture ahrefsAhrefs is a tool with the biggest index of live links. This tool is more advanced than just showing how many domain or pages link to your website. The free version allows you to also see how many social media shares you got, some of your competition, the amount of anchor phrases of your links and so on.

Ahrefs uses its own index for their service. They update the index around once every 15 minutes. This not only put them in the big league but makes them the fastest of them. Nibbler for example has also switched to ahrefs.

An interesting tool to check the backlinks of you and your competitors: Ahrefs.

Google Analytics

website google analyticsGoogle analytics is a free web service that provides statistics to analyze your website. You can use these statistics for marketing as well as seo purposes. Analytics goes further than just showing you the visitors count. With analytics you can find out exactly how many visitors come to your websites and sort them by different variables: region, landing page, time spend on website, how they got on the webpage and so on.

This way you can find what exactly peaks the interest of your visitors. which allows you to expand more on what they like exactly. Using google analytics isn’t mandatory to let your site indexed by google, but it can help.

Visit google ananlytics here: analytics.

Hemingway app

Hemingway app websiteSince search engines try to aim more and more towards good readability. So it is just more than natural that they also inspect your word sentences to be good. One of the ways to optimize your sentences is to keep them short.

A tool that can help you to analyze your sentences is the “Hemingway app”. Using the tool is very simple. You just copy-paste your text in the app and the app will do the calculations for you. Marking sentences that are too dificult and should be splitted/rewritten.

You can find the tool here: Hemingway app.


nibbler-websiteNibbler is a easy to use for testing websites. When visiting the website you will see a input field. Just enter the address of any website and nibbler will offer you a report rating. The tool will grade your website for ten key areas. This will include areas as: accessibility, SEO, social media and technology.

Visit the nibbler tool here: nibbler.

Plagiarism checker

plagiarism-checker-websiteSince google anounced that unique content will be punished in the search results and original content be awarded. Read the article here. The demand of having good unique content on your website became larger and larger. A good practice is than to always double check your content that it cannot be taken for copied.

A good tool for this is plagiarism checker of small seo tools. You copy and paste your text in the textbox and let the tool do the dirty work. It will scan your text with what it can find online. Afterwards it will return your text and marked what is unique or could be taken for copied. To finish it off it will give you a percentage number to grade how unique your content is.

Test it here: plagiarism checker.

Search console

Search console is a rebranded version of webmaster tools. Search console is a no-charge internetservice by Google for webmasters. It permits you to check the indexing standings of your websites. You can use the feedback of the tool to optimize the visibility of your websites.

Just as google analytics, using search console is not mandatory to get indexed into google. But it can “help”.

Visit search console here: search console.

This list of small seo tools will be updated frequently. Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments and we can look into adding it.

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