Small articles for blogs prove to be powerful

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As a publisher, you shouldn’t be told anymore – big articles have more SEO possibilities than small articles. And while this is true in theory, there is no reason the be afraid to write small articles. Not only is the “fear” of small articles often ungrounded – they can actually prove to be handy. Let’s look into some advantages of them.

Keeping your blog alive

Keeping your blog alive is a good reason to write small articles now and then. Often between two bigger articles it is good to write a small one. The “problem” with big articles is that often they take some time, if you include the revision, research, spelling and grammar check. This process is of course way shorter when writing small articles. Thus, making small articles is perfect between two big ones to keep your website “alive”. This will make sure that people and search engines that revisit your websites keep finding new content to discover.

A good article has to go through the process of rereading – rewriting more than once, as stated before. Big articles have the problem that making the puzzle pieces fit is way more difficult. As you have more content, you also have to be sure that you present it in the right order, avoid (too much) repetition and so on.

When writing a small article this is obviously way less time consuming. Rewriting is going to be easier as you can spot errors faster. But make no mistake, this step is still important. As a small article that is not been reread is also often of bad quality.

Small articles are often nice to read

Since you’re limited in what to write, it will also be easier to avoid repetition. This will be refreshing for those that read it. Furthermore, you won’t lose the focus as fast of those who read it. That said, it is already easier to hold the focus when your article has fewer words to start with.

As you can see, writing small articles is actually a good way to fill up the void. This not only proves to be a nice habit to keep your website active. In addition, while posting small articles, you can take your time to write big articles without too much pressure in the meanwhile. This is a double win, but be sure to write small articles of good quality. Happy writing!

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