Small articles for blogs prove to be powerful

woman typing small articles on laptop
As a publisher, you shouldn’t be told anymore – big articles have more SEO possibilities than small articles. And while this is true in theory, there is no reason the be afraid to write small articles. Not only is the “fear” of small articles often ungrounded – they can actually prove to be handy. Let’s look into some advantages of them. Continue reading

The strange truth of microdata

image of microdata code

Microdata was introduced in 2011 as a way to make website understandable for both computers and humans. This could be roughly translated to a shortcut to improving your google ranking without too much effort. However the fact is that many websites still don’t (properly) include them! Continue reading

Boost your web sentences with these 5 tips!

People behind a desk writing sentences on paper.

So, you are prepared to make a casual post on your website? You have checked the usability and reader-friendly guidelines and corrected mistakes. Your post is ready – but how much time did you spend on double-checking the text itself? Let us suggest an easy list for final text preparation – save your time before posting your next text with these 5 easy tips to boost your post sentences:

Continue reading

Most important Meta tags

Meta tags are pieces of text placed in the top, header part of the page to describe what the page is about. While they are not as important as they once were for search engine rankings, well written tags can still help with SEO (search engine optimization) while providing visitors with valuable information about your site. Being quick and easy to make, they are well worth adding to your site. Continue reading

How to write an optimized blog article

Writing content or articles for the Internet we have no option but to consider our choice of keywords and the guidelines required for search engine optimization. Keywords are intended to help our readers find items they are looking for and SEO to provide guidelines to set an acceptable standard for our work. Continue reading

5 basic tips to optimize your website

This is the series of 5 basic tips to optimize your website that a website owner uses to ensure that their site appears in search results for specific terms. While often forgotten it is important to keep aplying these steps to make sure your website will have an optimal exposure towards possible visitors.

Here are tips for optimizing your website and making it more visible. Continue reading

3 guest blogging rules

When Google announced in the beginning of 2014 that guest blogging for links would start to be punished because it became “too spammy” the internet shivered. What everyone feared suddenly became reality. How are you going to attract visitors if you can’t create backlinks to your website? Continue reading