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Do you have a great website but can’t figure out how to make it profitable anymore ? Displaying advertisements on your website is a great way to earn some money. Yet finding a platform that can actually help you is difficult. A perfect platform to display online advertisement is Revenuehits.

Revenuehits is not only easy to use but is also a fair online platform. One that shares the profits with its publishers. In other words, yes you can make real money if you use Revenuehits successfully. The tool is user friendly and helps you to set up everything the way you want it to.

Here is why Revenuehits is so successful and how you can profit from it.

About Revenuehits

First things first, how did Revenuehits started and what made them so successful? Few companies can bring the expertise to the table that Revenuehits can. The company, founded in Israel in 2008, skyrocketed to the top of online advertisement.

They introduce themselves as a “by publishers for publishers” advertisement program. The founders have experienced all the pitfalls in online advertisement. So one day they sat down together to see all that was wrong with online advertisement. And what is better, how to improve it. The result of that is Revenuehits.

Their software takes many different variables into account and they improve it everyday. So you can be sure Revenuehits shows the best advertisement suited for your visitor.

Brought by experts

The founders of Revenuehits have all earned their stripes in their respected fields. From the developers to the customer service, from their sales team to the designers. All the employees and employers from Revenuehits know what they are doing. And will make it as easy as possible for you to publish advertisements.

  • By reflecting their expertise on you throught their website or their helpdesk.
  • Helping you with great tools to set up the perfect advertisement campaign.
  • Making everything user friendly and quick. So you get started in no time.

Thanks to this Revenuehits is able to meet the demands of their customers. Even more than many other programs can.

Free to register

No startup fees, no processing fees and no monthly charges. In other words you won’t have to pay to “setup an account”. Nor would you have to pay monthly fees for “using the services”.

Revenuehits understands that publishers want to make money and keeps this in mind. By not charging publishers new websites can also have a fair shot at making money. Therefore not only registering at Revenuehits is free. Publishers also don’t have to pay extra money afterward. No subscription or other kind of fees.

Easy to install, easy to use

By publishers for publishers right? Well Revenuehits knows you want to start as soon as possible. So once you created an account you can also start customizing advertisements. In other words, after creating your account you can publish advertisements as well. They will approve your website afterwards. Except for adult websites, they allow many different websites and niches.

All you have to do is login to the Revenuehits backpanel. There you can make your own custom ads. Once finished, you choose whichever advertisement you made and click on ‘get code’. A popup will come in which will be a small piece of javascript code.

All you now have to do is to copy that piece of javascript code. Then paste it on the places you want your website to display the advertisement.

A great advantage about this way of working is that your website keeps looking the way you want it to look. You can choose which kind of advertisements are shown and where. This way you can be sure that it will fit in your design any way you want.

Optimize ads for your website

To change how your website displays ads you have to log in on your account on Revenuehits. You can alter various things like the color or the dimensions of the ads. You also have the possibility to choose what kind of ads your website displays.

There are many different kind of ads to choose from like:

  • Pop ups/pop unders: the long love hate relationship with pop ups is over. The problem is that pop ups can generate a lot of money but will also annoy your visitors. Revenuehits will show them in a control way in combination with valuable ads. All to make sure the disturbance your visitors experience is as little as possible.
  • Text ads: use texts to display ads on your website. How your website shows text ads is completely up to you. You can choose to blend them into existing articles, or to show them separately. Whatever you think will work the best with your website. Whether you want to blend the text ads in an existing article or not you can choose yourself.
  • Banner ads: customize the banner ads or rich formats in a way that you want. You can choose from any of the many predefined banner sizes. The many options will make it sure you will find one that matches your website
  • Custom ads: Let us say you would be unhappy with the large pool of ads Revenuehits provides. In that case they can also provide you with custom modified ads that suit your website. You contact them if you want to inquire more information.

Let’s talk numbers

Sounds all great indeed. But how much can you earn using Revenuehits and how do payments work?

Revenuehits uses a business model called ‘cost per action’ (cpa). In other words you get payed for the actions your visitors make. Actions can be simple things like: signing up for a newsletter, buying something, etc. Now, how much you earn from every action is actually variable. The biggest variables are: the visitor’s geographical position, the kind of advertisement and the kind of action.

Revenuehits pays out every month. When they pay out they will pay you last month earnings. There are three different payments to choose from: Paypal, Payoneer or wire transfer. For Paypal and Payoneer the minimum threshold is 20 dollar. For wire transfer the minimum threshold is 500 dollar. You can of course increase the minimum threshold to any amount.

A real helpdesk

Revenuehits takes pride in its user friendly product. Helping people who struggle or are unclear about something is therefore important for them.

Not only the technical staff knows what they are doing. Revenuehits’ helpdesk is also something they can be proud off. They will always try to help you as good and fast as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have a problem. These problems can be of any matter involving Revenuehits, even technical problems.

Earn with more than only a website

Advertisement programs for websites are not new. Yet few advertisement programs dare to go out of their comfort zone. Revenuehits did and started to look further than websites. Not only did they go outside their comfort zone. They showed that they are damn good at it.

Website publishers are now not only able to advertise. Developers of widgets, toolbars and even desktop applications can also use Revenuehits. This is a refreshing approach to many developers around the world. And Revenuehits is trying to expand their publishing options even further every time. By looking out for other online opportunities more options will follow for sure.

More personal ads

Revenuehits uses a unique algorithm to display ads. One that they update often to improve it. All to make sure that your visitors gets to see the most suitable ads for him or her. Their software uses variables like your website’s niche, but also other more detailed variables like the visitors geographic location. All are made to calculate what ads your website should show for who. In other words your visitors will see the best suitable ad for them. And as a result of that they will be more tempted to checking them out.

An array of different niches

Revenuehits is a big player in the online advertisement world. A lot of advertisers see the benefit of Revenuehits. Thanks to this the amount of different niches they offer is very wide. So you can be sure that there will be advertisements that matches your website.

The big upside is that the ads that your website shows are in range of the visitors’ interest. This will lure them more into taking an action with those ads. Which in its turn translates in more chance for you to earn with your website.

Earn from referrals

Revenuehits also gives you the chance to earn money from referrals. Once you created an account you can find your unique referral link in the back panel. If you log in on their website you will see a selection referrals. Except for your referral link you can find out how much you made from referring people.

Revenuehits gives you some promotional content like banners. You can place these on your website to get referrals. If a visitor clicks on them the ad will refer them to Revenuehits with your referral link.

Another way is to choose to share your link on social media or mailing it to your contacts. In the end it doesn’t matter how they register, as long as they use your link. The amount of money you earn from referrals depends on them. The more they use Revenuehits the more you will benefit from it.

You can earn up to 100 dollars in total for every person you reffer. 10 dollar for every new person you referred. Another 40 when that person made his first 50 dollars. Finally you can earn 50 dollars more if that person made a total of 100 dollar. So referring alone might not be enough. You want them to also use Revenuehits as good as possible.

Get started today!

Sounds all great, but is it that easy to start with? Well click here: and discover it for yourself.

You will see that all you have to do to create an account is to give some data. All you have to give is your app’s (website, application, toolbar, …) description. And as little as possible personal data. You can wait to give your billing information for later if you prefer that.

You’ll see that in 10 minutes your website can already be showing advertisements.

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