Optimize your workspace to work or study at home

Desk in a workspace

Avoiding traffic jam, perfectly scheduling your private and professional life, no angry faces on public transportation in the morning. These are just a few of the of the advantages of working at home. Although working at home sounds nice, it is not as easy as you might expect it to be. A clear separation is needed between your workspace and your private environment.

Needless to say that a desk that has your work folders on them are more suited/inspiring to work on than one where your dirty laundry can be found on. But it goes way deeper and further as that. You would be amazed what some subtle changes can impact your productivity.

Wall color

Changing your wall color is a very good way to improve your work rate. It immediately sets a different tone for that area. Try to use a somewhat business color that is different from your normal home color. Colors from white untill gray are often suited for this. But others like (light)yellow and blue are also good working colors.

The reason you want to try to choose something completely different than your home colors is to draw a noticeable border between home and office. The less elements you have in your work area or office that are features of your home, the more you will be able to focus on work. Try to avoid a color like green. Green is mostly a calming color and while great, it might not be a good boost for your productivity. Learn more about color psychology in offices to find the perfect combination for your work area.

Curved borders

Curved furniture are often better for a positive mindset. As written down by Dave Mcginn in the globe and mail: “Not only were people more likely to say curved spaces were beautiful, but viewing such spaces fired up activity”. Scientists were quickly on to this, although the reason stayed a quite unanswered until the 2000’s. The reason can be found in familiarity.

From nature many things around us are curved. Rectangular shapes are mostly found in artificial creations. The psychology behind seeing curved borders triggers more emotions that bring us at ease. Don’t mistake yourself, it is not because you are home that will also feel naturally at ease. Stress is something that is normal when working from time to time. Curved furniture will however help you overcoming a great part of it.


ventilation propellerA productive workspace is often a well ventilated workspace. This is very important because of the following reason: odor. From many things our noses are the most sensitive to this one. There are two problems with Odor, one is that smells call emotions. Typical house odors will awake the “I am at home” emotion. And as we want to draw that typical border between work and living area, trying to avoid house odors is an important one.

A second problem is one of a more physical nature. The more odors in the air the less fresh air you will get in. Less fresh air quickly raise to small physical complications: blocked sinuses, stuffy nose and so on. As described in the article: Work performance, productivity and indoor air of Derek J Clements-Croome. Or to say it different: the better your health, the better your productivity. Good ventilation is therefore key in a home work area.

These subtle but important tips will help you to optimize your home workspace for whatever work needs to be done. Good luck.

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