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Optimizing a website and optimizing a webshop are becoming more and more separated fields. While basic SEO are the same for them, how you address your visitors isn’t. For a website, having a nice layout and user friendly experience is often enough. Consumers of an online shop, nonetheless, should be convinced more deeply that a product is what they really need.

Generating of consumer demands is not new in marketing, and is true for your online shop as well. From the many ways to generate – or increase – consumers’ demands, we will look deeper in one particular: the power of testimonies. A few positive testimonies or product reviews are often the thing that makes an online sale.

Let’s look at how to get, add and optimize testimonies for your online shop.

Getting testimonies

Getting real testimonies is key here. Many websites work with fake ones. And while this can generate a sale once in awhile, often consumers are aware when a testimony is fake. If a consumer detects a fake testimony, you will lose their trust. Losing a consumer’s trust is devastating, since you will not only miss this sale – you will most likely miss future sales as well.

But how do we get real testimonies then? One great way of getting them is by sending free samples to famous consumers and hope they tell their audience about it. If they do so, you can add a small recap of their review next to your product. This gives many advantages besides getting a testimony. First of all, they will give exposure to your product. Second, the visitors who come to your online shop through these famous consumer’s medium (often their blog or website) will be familiar by seeing their “idol’s” testimony next to your product. This recognition increases the chances of selling your product to them.

A second good way of getting testimonies is by giving a reduction to people that write a testimony about your product after they have bought it. You can do this by giving them a percentage of their money back afterwards, but a more common method is giving them a coupon or deducting the amount of their next purchase.

Real testimonies will do much more good for your product, as no one believes that the perfect product exists, and consumers are getting -rightfully- more critical by the day. Honest testimonies will therefore create a much bigger trust feeling to your potential buyer.

Adding testimonies next to your product

Getting the testimonies is one thing, the next one is adding them to your product. There are not so many rules in this, but let me help you by revealing the one big don’t. Don’t add the testimonies too close to the product specification.

The reason for not doing so is that real testimonies are also honest ones, as explained before. So these might and will include some negative feedback about the product. Negative feedback tends to stay longer in people’s head if they read it while going through the specification in question. For example: someone reads the duration time of the battery of a phone. Next to that same specification, there is a testimony, questioning that same duration time. These negative feedbacks causes the consumer to approach the product negatively from the beginning. So try to keep these two separated at all times.

Optimizing testimonies

Testimonies are great to win someone’s trust. That is, if they read them. In a web world where people skim through everything rather than reading it, it is important that the testimonies of your product are noticeable for visitors. Visibility can be created by using white space around the testimony as well as some other tricks helping to attract the consumer’s attention.

One of these tricks is using the famous “5 star rating” system. Users who skim through text might not read everything but they will see the rating that a product has. The highest and lowest ratings will often be read as they catch the most attention.

You can also opt for using a slightly other color range for your products. If your main scheme is quite dark you can catch the attention of testimonies by making them a bit lighter or vice versa.

Whichever way you choose to optimize your testimonies, add them! It is really worth the investment. A product with a lot of exposure is not interesting if it doesn’t sell as well. Testimonies prove to be a great tool in supporting you with this. Good luck!

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