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content locker
Having a website that can make some money from advertisement is nice. But many webmasters know that even if your visitor amount is high, the income your website generate is not therefore not always high as well.Especially if you use advertisements to generate a income. Luckily this can be increased up to 3 times as much by using a content locker. But what is a content locker and how do you successfully implement it on your website?

What is a content locker

A “content locker” does what the name says: locking your content. The idea is that you lock the content that your visitor wants to read. If they want to unlock the content they have to do something first. A popular option is to let them click an advertisement, creating some revenue for you.

Content lockers come in different varieties from which the most popular are: a pop up box and a black background that disables the webpage, or a small teaser of the content. The big advantage of the teaser is that the first lines of your article (if you wrote a good article) can lure the visitors more into clicking it. This is because they had a small preview and want to read more the rest of the article. While the pop up box is more of a dangerous choice. Because visitors are not yet persuaded into reading the article, they might be more tempted to leave.

The dangers of a content locker

A content locker is as you can see a great way of making more money, but has some dangers as already said before. For one your visitors might be more tempted to leave your page as they can get irritated by having to click on a advertisement first. To lower the amount of visitors leaving you website as possible, it is important that the advertisement its niche on which your visitors have to click is directly related to your article its niche. This is the most important rule and cannot be underestimated.

If you are going to force your visitors into clicking on an advertisement, the least you have to do is make sure that the advertisement is into the visitors its interest. Therefore it is best to make manual handpick the advertisement that are shown on the articles. You simply can’t rely on automated advertisements to always show the best advertisements.

Alternative uses of a content locker

A content locker is a great way to persuade your visitors into making an action. These action don’t necessarily have to be clicking on a action. You can do many other actions as well. Other popular actions are: liking a facebook page or subscribing to a mailing list. Just be aware that the action is not asking to much of a visitor. When you demand that a visitor subscribe to your mailing list to see your content, they will be more eager to just leave your page than when you force them into clicking on a single advertisement.

Social locker for wordpress

Social locker by onepress for wordpress

Make a good calculation of what kind of action your website or app can actually demand without forcing visitors to quit. Not all situations are the same. Asking for someone their email address in trade for a free software download is way less irritating than asking their email address to read an article.

Analyze and you are ready to go

Analyze carefully about what advertisement you want to show or which action you can demand from your visitors. After this you can start implementing a content locker on your website. A good content locker alone can easily triple your advertisement income.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences using a content locker, and good luck!

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