How using a grid layout makes your website appealing

Everyone who has ever tried to draw a website has had this feeling. No matter how much you turn and shift the elements on your composition, there seems something off. Well, there is actually a big chance that somewhere in that turning and shifting you already placed them perfectly. But instead of placement, the proportions of your elements were wrong. A great way to make sure that the proportions are correct is using a Grid layout.
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White Space

It is often said “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. This is not limited to “White space” in web design as rejecting it might be lack of being aware of the numerous benefits which cannot be overemphasized. White space is an empty or negative space, it is a space between the elements in the composition of a page and is an area on a web page that is not covered or occupied by text or images. Continue reading

Using orange buttons

If you are looking for a good color for website buttons or ever have looked for one you might have noticed that orange is a famous color choice among many websites. For some reason orange kept its popularity high ever since the first websites started experimenting with orange elements. Continue reading